Body Sculpting

Artisan Sculptor

Artisan Sculptor is a non-invasive body contouring service that requires ZERO downtime. Using high-frequency microcurrent S.T.E.P. technology to breakdown collagen skin is tightened and fat is flushed through the lymphatic system leaving the body tighter and more defined.  Selectively shape and lift for the most aesthetically pleasing result. Treatment is warm and with a similar sensation to a hot stone massage. Hydration & Vitamin C are recommended for optimal results.  Drinking 50% of one's body in ounces of water and 2,000 mg Vitamin C a minimum of 5 days prior to treatment is recommended. Failure to meet the recommended hydration and Vitamin C intake can result in 50% less effective treatments.  Results last for years when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

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Sugaring Hair Removal

Natural Smooth Results

Sugaring hair removal has been around for thousands of years dating back to Cleopatra who was well known for her love of this sweet hair removal.  Recently, this ancient method has regained popularity due to its smooth results and the natural products used.  Many find this form of hair removal to be less painful than waxing.  Sugar is applied against the hair and removed with the direction of growth.  No fear of being burned like with wax as the sugar used is at room temperature.